FS & CO | Classic Leather Pack

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    • Classic triple enclosure pack with plenty of storage for your everyday travels.
    • Mens
    • Genuine leather
    • Dual enclosure
    • Strap drop:  30 cm
    • Cannot be worn as underwear

    Get To Know About a Multipurpose Fanny Pack

    Each day is full of tasks, and to complete this tasks properly, you need to have the required tools arranged and ready-in-hand. Be it the monthly duty of paying your utility bills, or your daily medicines, or just for a lazy ride in your bicycle, you need a portable and compact storage system for all of them. Let’s face it; the average wallet in your back pocket doesn’t fit the bill for this. A stylish and practical solution in this scenario would be a Black Leather Fanny Pack, tailor-made for you.

    Why should you use a fanny pack?

    The fanny pack, or more sophisticated “waist pouch” has been utilized since medieval times. Its hands-free feature, multiple storage compartments, and easy use are still in demand today. The primary reasons for you to use a Black Leather Fanny Pack could be surmised as such;

    1. Durability – Treated and tempered leather lasts for many years and looks just as good. It is also waterproof, so your things are safe from water damage.
    2. Elegance – Leather is a timeless fabric and has been proven to the fashion of macho and steady people. Black is the colour of power and looks good with almost everything.
    3. Naturalness – Using leather won’t give you skin problems; which is often the case with synthetic fabrics.

    So, if you want to have a natural fashionable all-purpose storage system, start using the leather fanny packs without delay.